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About Us

Pearl Lemon Properties is headed by Deepak Shukla, a London-based serial entrepreneur, who, if he’s honest, is always looking for ways to make more money, and make the most of the money he has.

Understanding that real estate is one of the safer investments to make in the long term, and that the opportunities that below market value real estate offer can be particularly lucrative, he made a decision to get into that very niche. Which is where the problems started.

Deepak quickly learned that while the right BMV property can be nothing short of a goldmine finding those properties is far from easy. As is finding the right help. Disappointed by the results of working with a succession of BMV property sourcing teams – and understandably concerned for his cash – Deepak set about assembling his own team of BMV property experts, to both help him make the most of his investments and now, offer that help to others.

The expert Pearl Lemon Properties team can help investors better understand the concept of buying below market value properties, source the right investment opportunities and find the right experts to make it all work – from builders to lawyers to financial advisors and more.


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What is a bmv property?

BMV property stands for below the market value properties. This means that the price of the property is lower than the market value.

What does below market value mean?

Below market value means that a property is sold at a lower price than the market. Specific bmv experts like Pearl Lemon Properties will find BMV properties for you!

How do you find the discount on a property?

For discounted property look for bmv property experts! They specialize in properties that are sold for less than the average market value.

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As for Deepak, he’s now the proud owner of five formerly below market value properties that now provide him with both a steady additional monthly income and a bedrock for a rosy financial future. Contact Pearl Lemon Properties today to discover how the team can help you achieve the same kind of results.