7 Surprising Ways To Find A Good Property Below Its Market Value

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Why us?


Pearl Lemon Properties is a part of the greater Pearl Lemon Group and specializes in property sourcing throughout the UK. We were founded on the ideal that property sourcing should be made easy while still maintaining an expert level of service and care.


Specifically, the Pearl Lemon Properties team focuses on properties that are considered below market value, whether these spaces are residential or commercial.

Our team has over a decade of experience in terms of property sourcing and property investing. With this in mind, we have the skills and know how to help you bulk up your portfolio.

Because we are a part of the greater Pearl Lemon Group, we have the man power most property sourcing agencies lack. This means we will take care of all the research and heavy lifting when it comes to sourcing your properties.



How can I estimate the expenses for repairs and renovations for a fixer-upper property?

You can engage a home inspector to perform a comprehensive evaluation of the property and obtain quotations from contractors for particular repairs or renovations to estimate the potential expenses of repairs and renovations for a fixer-upper home. 

This might aid in your decision-making regarding possible expenses and if the property is a wise investment.

Why should I buy fixer-upper homes for sale?

The advantages of purchasing a fixer-upper house include the potential to purchase a property at a lower price, the chance to personalise the house to your tastes, the potential for a higher resale value after the repairs and renovations are finished, and the potential to accumulate equity in the house over time.

What should I consider about before purchasing a house that needs work?

Before purchasing a house that needs work, it’s crucial to consider the general state of the building, any prospective repair or renovation costs, the anticipated time frame for completion, and the accessibility of financing. 

Additionally, it’s critical to clearly grasp the expenses and time required to transform a fixer-upper into a livable, comfortable house.