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5-Bedroom Detached House in Blundellsands, Liverpool/ £685,000

This beautiful, detached five-bedroom property is a spacious home for a small family. This home has a gated driveway, a fireplace, and a combination of gas and central heating. This property has a blooming garden that keeps the yard smelling fresh. The location is in close proximity to schools and other services.

Key Features

  1. Full Gardens
  2. Plenty of space
  3. Parking
  4. Garage
  5. Fireplace
  6. Gated drivewa

Each room in this property has a radiator, keeping the home perfectly cozy. The kitchen has an open doorway, contributing to the open feeling of this property. Even though this property is spacious and open, it still feels private thanks to the gated driveway and plenty of trees and plants in the yard.

This property is located in College Road North, Blundellsands, Liverpool L23. There are reputable schools and more services in the area, you can find it here:

Mortgage Breakdown

Price = £685,000

10% Deposit = £68,500

Repayment Term = 25 years

Interest Rate = 2%

Monthly Mortgage Payment = £2,613

Contact our property management professionals to start the process of obtaining this property. We’ll advise you on the repayment plans you should use, and the deposit amount you should aim for to get lower interest rates. For more information, Call Kanti Walden.