3 Smart And Hassle-Free Ways To Get Your Luxury Car Storage

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Luxury Car Storage

We offer our luxury car storage service because we understand that busy lives and a lack of space do not always allow for the ownership of new supercars, classics, or the development of a trademark collection.

We are proud of our first-class luxury car storage service and amenities at Pearl Lemon.

Our storage facility is a safe, climate and humidity controlled environment that is completely contaminant free – similar to hermetic conditions – which is critical for high-value automobiles to remain in pristine condition over their time in storage, however long or short.

While it is in our care, each vehicle is subjected to daily, weekly, and monthly inspections.

We also understand that individual clients may prefer a different approach to storing their unique vehicle, which is why Pearl Lemon Properties tailors its luxury car storage services to meet these needs.

Luxury Vehicle Storage Facility Onboarding Checks

We take pride in the onboarding of each vehicle at Pearl Lemon Properties. Our crew conducts thorough inspections of all parts of the vehicle, ensuring that it is maintained in the best possible condition while being stored with us. To offer the best possible storage conditions for the luxury vehicles in our care, our storage facility is humidity and temperature controlled.

Luxury Car Storage
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Pearl Lemon Properties Luxury Car Onboarding Process

  • Vehicles are inspected and cleaned as needed. This is to ensure that the car is in ideal storage condition and that our storage facility remains spotless.
  • The interior and exterior of the vehicle are both inspected. All vehicle controls, including as electrics, switches, windows and lights are also tested to ensure that they all function properly.
  • After the car’s initial inspection is finished, photos are taken and any damage or blemishes are noted.
  • The vehicle is parked in one of our large bays, and the tyres are filled an additional 10 psi to prevent flat spots.
  • The battery is inspected and placed on a trickle charge.
  • After that, the vehicle is covered, and drip trays are placed beneath it.
  • Our comprehensive induction report, including images, is delivered to clients to give them additional peace of mind that their vehicle is in safe hands.

At Pearl Lemon Properties, your luxury car will not simply be prepped, covered and then forgotten. We adhere to a strict schedule of regular checks that will ensure that the vehicle is in tip-top condition

Daily Check

Trickle charges are monitored on a daily basis to verify that the battery is in good working order.

Weekly Check

Drip trays are inspected once a week. Any leaks are identified, documented, and disclosed to the customer.

Monthly Check

  • The covers are removed, and the bodywork and drip tray are inspected again.
  • The car is started and left running until it reaches operating temperature.
  • The car is driven back and forth at this stage to keep the tyres in good condition.
  • All of the electrical components, including the lights and switches, are thoroughly examined.
  • Lastly, the drip trays are examined again to see if any leaks occurred while the car was running.
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Luxury Car Storage Offboarding Checks

Our service relies on properly offboarding the vehicles to ensure that they are returned in the best possible condition.

The automobiles are thoroughly inspected both inside and out after being extracted. Any blemishes or damage are noted and logged, and clients are asked to sign off to indicate that they are satisfied.

The tyre pressures are lowered to the proper driving levels. The fluid levels are measured.

We ensure the car is ‘ready to drive’ as it leaves the storage facility, so that all you need to do is get in and drive away.

While you await your vehicle, our staff will also ensure that you are well taken care of. We want you to feel as comfortable as your vehicle while you’re with us. If you’ve just gotten off a plane or finished a meeting, the last thing you want to do is wait in a stifling warehouse while your car is being readied.

That’s why, while we bring the car around for you, we’ve created a quiet member’s lounge for you to wait in, where you can enjoy a drink, make some calls, and connect with like-minded people.

If you can’t make it to us, we’ll gladly drop your vehicle off, washed, prepared, and ready to go at a location of your choosing.

Luxury Car Maintenance

We do not perform any mechanical maintenance on the vehicles, but if a customer needs it, we can send the car to any nearby dealership and pick it up later.


At Pearl Lemon Properties, we take security very seriously, so our clients can trust us with their vehicles.

Our facility boasts motion and heat sensors, as well as inside and outdoor security cameras that are live and actively monitored 24 hours a day. At the front of our premises, steel security bollards are in place to prevent any forced access or exit, and all car keys are safely stored away at all times.


How much does it cost to store a luxury car?

Storage options can range from $100 to $450 per month. For additional fees and upkeep, the prices are expected to increase. Book a call to hear more about our luxury car storage.

How do you store exotic cars?

Nowadays there are specific locations that provide temperature-controlled car storage. Exotic cars require mild temperature with no humidity to prevent the car from getting rusty. Find out more about our humidity-controlled car storage.