5 Secure Ways To Protect Your Masterpiece with Luxury art storage

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Luxury Art Storage

We Care for and Protect Your Luxury Art Like It's Our Own

Displaying your luxury art on a full time basis is often neither practical nor safe, and therefore when it is not on display it must be stored in a way that is safe, secure, ensures it remains in the same condition it is in upon arrival and that your artwork insurers are happy with the situation.

The custom-designed facility maintained by Pearl Lemon Properties offers the latest in high-security luxury art storage. Our electronic access system keeps a close and constant watch on the safety and security of your artwork, while the climate-controlled interior keeps it in fine condition. With its large doors and open spaces, the pace can accommodate all kinds of luxury art storage needs, from single pieces to entire collections.

Luxury Art Storage Highlights

State-of-the-Art Fire Prevention

To offer the highest level or fire prevention, our extensive in warehouse smoke and heat sensors are inspected to the highest British safety standards and actively monitored 24/7.

Luxury Art Storage

Superior Security

We ensure our luxury art storage facility provides security that both gives you piece of mind and meets your insurers high standards. We employ constantly monitored CCTV systems in and around the facility, infrared motion detectors and intrusion detection and prevention protection that exceeds acceptable standards.

In addition, there are no adjacent walls or other accessible properties in the immediate vicinity of our secured storage facilities, and the facilities themselves are unimposing and discrete in appearance.

Exacting Climate Control

Our purpose-built luxury art storage facility is strictly maintained at a museum-approved temperature of 22C at all times, with humidity levels maintained at a precise and optimum 50%.

What Our Luxury Art Storage Service Can Offer You:

  • Storage time frames that meet your needs. Long or short term storage packages can be tailored to suit your needs, budget and insurer requirements.
  • A careful onboarding process that notes and reports the condition of artwork before it is packed/stored, resulting in a comprehensive report made immediately available to clients.
  • Constantly monitored fire safety systems that meet and exceed British Safety Standards
  • Precise climate control maintained to museum approved specifications.
  • 24/7 monitoring of our state-of-the-art security systems.
  • Packing services performed by highly trained personnel.
  • Storage advice from trained luxury art storage professionals with a background of art preservation education.
  • Carefully monitored Air Filtration systems in all storage and packing areas.
  • Large-scale sculptural works and installations can be stored in open storage facilities.
  • Access to museum quality viewing areas upon request on a half day or full day basis.
  • Provision of work spaces and meeting rooms upon request.
  • Meeting services and/or light catering services for viewings, meetings or for work sessions.
  • Pick up and delivery services within a reasonable distance.
  • A variety of secure shipping services on an as needed basis when your luxury artwork leaves our facility.


What are the best materials for storing luxury art?

The best materials for storing luxury art are acid-free materials such as matboards, polyester sleeves, and cotton gloves. These materials will help to preserve the art and prevent discolouration or damage.

What kind of environment is best for luxury art storage?

A climate-controlled environment is best for storing luxury art. This means that the temperature, humidity and light exposure are maintained stable to prevent any damage to the art.

What are the benefits of using a professional luxury art storage facility?

The benefits of using a professional art storage facility include climate-controlled environments, secure storage, specialised handling and packing services, and insurance and inventory management services. Professional art storage facilities also have trained staff to handle and care for art collections.