Buying property in Cambridge

Buying Property in Cambridge

Buying Property in Cambridge

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Cambridge is a beautiful area with lots of history and beautiful greenery. It’s a great atmosphere for people of all ages, so it’s easy to see why you want to relocate to Cambridge.

Cambridge is most famous for its University, so it has a high student population.

Therefore, if you’re aspiring to go to University, you will need accommodation if you don’t wish to use the university houses.

For those looking to take a break from the big city life, Cambridge is a perfect area to buy property. It’s a small and peaceful city that you can get around comfortably with only a bike.

Even with all the benefits Cambridge offers, it can be very daunting to relocate to a new city. To help you on your journey, here is a quick guide to buying properties in Cambridge.

Best areas in Cambridge to buy properties

Although it is a brilliant city in general, there are some particular areas where you can buy houses that will turn your house into a home.

Hills Road

Hills Road is an area that’s full of life and is very suitable for families. It has some beautiful historic Victorian terraces and hosts larger houses that are a better fit for families. 

Houses further south are usually detached or semi-detached with larger garden space.

De Freville

If the historic sights of Cambridge attract you, this area is the one for you. Houses here are very close to historical buildings and statues in Cambridge.

Houses in this area have effortless access to Jesus Green and Midsummer Common. These are some of the most beautiful spots of greenery in the UK, which make for fantastic days out.

De Freville is also right next to River Cam. So if you’re looking to get stuck into some rowing or punting, your nearest clubs won’t be far.

Mill Road

This area is known for its brilliant shopping experience and diversity. In 2015, it achieved second place in the Best British High Street awards.

There is a wide selection of different shops and restaurants. You’ll never be bored in this area because there will always be new types of restaurants or shops to visit.

Mill Road is also home to many different cultures and nationalities, reflected in its incredible range on the high street.


Newtown is just south of the Cambridge train station, and historical sights are also easily accessible.

It’s only a walking distance from historic places involved with Cambridge and Cambridge University. 

This area is an ideal fit for families because of the excellent quality of local schools. If you’re moving to a new area, you want to make sure your kids are getting the best from it as well!

There’s also great accessibility to the rest of the UK. If you’re looking to commute to London and work there, then you’re in luck because the station is walking distance away.

What to expect from Cambridge

Buying Property in Cambridge

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Cambridge is a city with a rich historical background, so most of it will have an ancient feel. This is more prominent in the centre of the town, which Cambridge University primarily owns.

Cambridge is a relatively small city, and due to the ancient feel, many streets in the town centre are cobbled and relatively narrow. Therefore, cycling is a highly efficient way to travel- you’ll meet many cyclists in your time living in Cambridge!

Of course, one of the main aspects of the city is the University. The University of Cambridge draws in millions of tourists a year. So the town centre will always be reasonably busy.

Again, there is a large student population in Cambridge; students will host most events, so it’s typically quite lively at Cambridge.

Prices in Cambridge

Similar to the rest of the UK, house prices in Cambridge are on the rise. Unfortunately, that trend is seeming like it’s going to continue for a while. 

The average house price in Cambridge is £443,362, as opposed to £442,044 last year. The rise is only 0.3% this year, but there’s been a sharp increase in recent years due to demand for housing in Cambridge.

A lot of this is due to Cambridge being such a nice place to relocate from other cities. Many people are moving from London to Cambridge because of the peacefulness and more countryside lifestyle.  Unfortunately, this has resulted in Cambridge becoming quite an expensive place to buy a house.

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