Buying property in Ipswich

Buying property in Ipswich


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Buying any new property is always a big decision. Most people will only get the chance to look for property a few times in their lives. Furthermore, once you buy a house, you’ll stay in it for a few years, so you must make the correct decision. 

The area you buy your property in is just as important as the actual house. To fall in love with your home, you also need to be in an area you love. Luckily for you, the UK has a diverse set of areas to cater to anyone looking to relocate. When you start your house search, you will find some areas that offer benefits you never guessed!

So if you’re looking to buy a new house now or in the next few months, you should think about relocating to Ipswich. Ipswich is one of the more peaceful towns in the UK, and you’re likely to have a relaxed time on your property.

To help you with your house search, read on to find out more information about Ipswich and its benefits. It will also be helpful to know the average prices of houses in the area. You don’t want to go over your budget!

What is life in Ipswich like?

Ipswich is in the far east of the UK and quite near to the coast. 

History is a massive part of Ipswich’s identity. It’s one of the oldest towns in England and many historical sites and buildings come with this. As well as its historical architecture, Ipswich has a nice mix of modern and contemporary buildings to contrast with the older sites.

So if you search for houses in Ipswich, you’ll find a wide range of houses built in different eras. If you’re a fan of living in a historic building, you’ll find a house for you. But if you’re also a fan of more modern architecture, it’s just as easy to find houses to suit you.

You’ll also be looking for things to do if you’re moving to Ipswich. The best towns and cities always have a range of activities going on!

Ipswich is a pretty vibrant town as you’ll find lots of leisure opportunities. Numerous restaurants and cafes in the city center introduce you to a range of different cultures and foods. You’ll also find theatres and galleries in the city offering different events.

In recent years, people are beginning to have more appreciation for nature and green spaces. Ipswich has many green spaces and large parks, so a lovely day out with the family is never too far away. If you’re looking for some fresh air, your nearest park will only ever be a short walk away.


Source: Unsplash

Practical benefits of Ipswich

Ipswich is very popular for commuters because of its excellent transport links. Commuting to London is very swift and straightforward if you live in Ipswich.

There are two train stations in Ipswich offering high-speed trains to other cities in the UK. With these trains, you can get to London in just over an hour. Therefore, you can have a comfortable commute to work and keep your job in London.

If you prefer driving, main roads and motorways mean it’s easy to travel to Ipswich’s neighboring cities like Norwich and Cambridge.

Transport in the city is quite good. The local bus network in Ipswich is quick and reliable, so you can easily travel to other city areas regularly.

When relocating to a new city as a family, you’ll have to add school to your list of things to think about. In total, Ipswich has 42 primary and secondary schools, with many holding an outstanding rating by Ofsted. So it’s likely that you will have a good school relatively close to your house.

Prices in Ipswich

The average house price in Ipswich is around £253,000. This is pretty affordable and even lower than the UK average of £256,000.

This means housing in Ipswich is pretty affordable, especially when compared to other areas in the south. Ipswich is a lot cheaper than London’s average of around £500,000.

It’s still possible to commute to London from Ipswich. So if you move from London to Ipswich, you’re likely to have a lot of extra cash leftover.

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