Property for sale in Norwich

Buying Property in Norwich

Buying property in Norwich

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In the past few months in the UK, the property market has been booming. Demand for housing in most cities has been pretty high. Many people took advantage of the recent stamp duty holiday and other government schemes to buy property. 

You’ll likely want to jump on or move up the property ladder. You may even be thinking about relocating to a new city entirely. Recent lockdowns have made people’s working conditions a lot more flexible. Now you may have the ability to move to a completely different area without worrying about long commutes.

But buying a house isn’t an easy task. You will have lots of things to think about even before you can start your purchase. It would be best if you made sure the house caters to your needs and budgets. 

The area the house is in is also crucial. If you’re in a city you love, you’re very likely to love the house as well!

One city you should keep in mind is Norwich. Norwich is a lovely city that is fit for many different types of people. If you do your research, you’ll find many benefits to life in Norwich.

Relocating to a new city will be a daunting task. You need to know a lot about the new city before you make your decision to move there. Read on to find more about Norwich and its house prices.

What is Norwich Like?

Norwich is a city in the far east of England with lots of history behind it. With a population of around 140,000, Norwich is quite a small city compared to the giants of London and Birmingham.

The city is surrounded by thick countryside, so you get a perfect mix of urban and country life when living in Norwich. Visiting green spots in the city is quite simple, and you won’t have to travel long distances to enjoy a fresh burst of nature.

Norwich is also situated on the east coast. So if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can spend great days out exploring the coastline. Trips to the beach will be a regular occurrence as well. The east coast has several beautiful beaches lined up for you to visit.

Within the city, there are always activities. With lots of different cultures present, there are many festivals and amenities displayed throughout the whole year.

What is Norwich Like

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Should You Move to Norwich?

Now that you know the range of activities and leisure you can find at Norwich, you need to know the more practical benefits of Norwich. Employment is relatively easy to find because of the number of opportunities available. There is also a range of different industries operating in Norwich, so you should be able to find your area of expertise.

If you’re looking to move to Norwich as part of a family, you’ll need to know about schools. Education is excellent all across Norwich as there are some great primary and secondary schools. 

Remember to check if there are any primary schools in the area you’re looking to buy in. A long-distance school run in the morning is not fun at all! 

Transport within Norwich is pretty good. It should be pretty simple to use public transport when travelling to other areas in the city. Because Norwich is in the corner of England, you might find travelling to other cities more challenging. It will be pretty challenging to commute long distances to work.

House Prices in Norwich

The average house price in Norwich is pretty similar to the UK average. The average prices in Norwich are around £270,000 in Norwich while the UK average is around £265,000. 

This means you’ll find more expensive and cheaper areas in the UK. If you’re moving from areas in the south of the UK, you’ll likely save some money. Areas like Oxford and London can reach house price averages as high as £400,000.

However, many areas in the north of the UK will be cheaper and finding a house in Norwich will likely be more expensive. But Norwich offers many benefits that you may not find in these cities up north. Although it is more expensive, you benefit from living in a nicer area and city.

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