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How to Find English Speaking Real Estate Agents in Italy

If you are looking for some property in Italy, but you’re not a native Italian speaker, you have come to the right place. 

Here are some tips on how to find English-speaking real estate agents in Italy. Along with resources on how to approach a real estate agent. So let’s jump right in.

Know What You Are Looking For

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You don’t have to know everything you want in your property because a real estate agent is there to help! But, it can help by having an idea of what you want. 

The first step is deciding if you are looking for a new place to live or a getaway home for the holidays.

From there, you can decide what type of property you want. 

Here are a few types of properties you can find in Italy

  • Flats
  • Villas
  • Luxury Homes 
  • House 
  • Apartment

You don’t have to know the exact type of property you are looking for because your real estate agent can help with that. It is just good to know the type you want so that your real estate agent is aware.

Find Your Desired Location

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The next step is finding your desired location within Italy. You can do this on your own or with a real estate agent.

For the sake of this article, it would be best to know the general region where you want your property to be. 

This helps to know where to look for a real estate agent. Some agents only work in specific regions, so it helps to know where you want your property. 

If you are struggling to find a location, I would suggest doing some research on your own. See which regions in Italy fit your preferences, then I would recommend talking to someone familiar with the region. 

This can be your real estate agent or someone else, just to give you more insight if you need it.


computer research

Once you find the general region where you would like your property, it is time to find a real estate agent. An English-speaking real estate agent, to be exact.

Below are a few sources that have English-speaking real estate agents in Italy. I would suggest taking a look to see if there is anyone that stands out

Many of these sites have a bio for each agent, so you can read through and begin your search. 

You can find properties on the market from some of the websites I listed. This can help you throughout the process, but you don’t have to limit yourself to their options if you don’t want to.

Reach out

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Now it is time for the exciting step! You can contact the agents via phone, email, or through the website. If you are not living in Italy, I would suggest reaching out through email or the website. Be mindful of the different time zones if you are living somewhere else. 

Keep in mind that the first person you reach out to doesn’t have to be the first person you choose to have as your agent. 

Reaching out is just the first step to see who an excellent real estate agent is for you.

When you first reach out, confirm that they speak English by asking in your message. If they don’t speak English, they will most likely reply directly that they don’t. 

Don’t see this as a rude response; they just don’t speak English, and they are informing you of that.

Forming the Message

To help build the structure of your message you should include the following: 

  • Ask if they speak English
  • Let them know where you are looking for properties 
  • What kind of property you are looking for (optional)  

Here is an example: 

“Hello, I am looking for an English-speaking real estate agent to help me look for properties in Tuscany, Italy.”

That is pretty much everything you need to type. Initially, you just want to see if they speak English and work in the region you are interested in.

More tips

If you don’t know where you want to buy property in Italy, try formulating the message as if you are seeking advice on properties in Italy. 

As I stated earlier, you don’t know if the person you reach out to will be your real estate agent. Thus, you don’t want to message all your preferences right away. You want to hold all your preferences and information until you decide who your agent will be. 

Overall try to keep your message broad but clear to build a connection. 

After you reach out, they will most likely take the lead in contacting you. If you decide that they aren’t the right real estate agent, let them know as soon as possible.

Picking Your Real Estate Agent

Picking your agent is the final step!

Once you have reached out to a couple of agents and have narrowed down your choices, we can take the next step. At this point, if you have already found an agent simply from the step before then, that is great! 

Those who still need more time to decide should know that it’s completely okay to be hesitant. After all, this is a big decision to make. Once you have a few potential agents, then you are ready to move the conversation over the phone. 

This will help you better understand an agent that suits you and can help you make your final decision. 

It is completely up to you on the topics that are discussed during this call. I would suggest asking questions or concerns that you may have.

The agent may ask you questions which can help both parties get to know one another. 

Once you have had a phone call with a few agents, you are now prepared enough to make a decision!


Hopefully, the steps help you become more comfortable with seeking a real estate agent. You may have to reach out numerous times to find someone you are comfortable with or you may find someone right away. 

Overall it is just taking that first step of reaching out.

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