buying property in Cardiff

Guide to buying property in Cardiff

buying property in Cardiff

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2021 has seen a significant boom in property markets all over the UK. 

Demand for properties has shot up due to lockdowns and government intervention, like the stamp duty holiday. 

Although stamp duty rules return to normal on October 1st, it’s likely many people will still be looking to buy property.

The UK has a wide range of cities and towns to fit anybody’s needs. When you have the opportunity to move houses, you get the choice to relocate to an entirely new area. This offers a healthy change of scenery and maybe even a complete lifestyle change.

If you’re looking to relocate to a new city, you should consider moving to Cardiff. Cardiff is a major city with lots of history and benefits for all of its residents. The city has been revamped over the last few years, and now you can find several beautiful properties for sale in Cardiff.

Relocating to a new city can be pretty daunting, even if you have done it before. Before you make the decision, you need to be sure that Cardiff is right for you. To help you make your choice, we’ve put together some information about Cardiff and its house prices.

What is life in Cardiff like?

Cardiff is the capital of Wales, and this makes it quite crucial to Welsh history and culture.

Since it is the capital of Wales, you should expect there to be quite a lot of things to do. 

There is lots of entertainment in the city due to the range of theatres and venues. The city center is quite vibrant and active, with various events going on throughout the year.

There are also many restaurants and cafes celebrating welsh culture and also cultures from all around the world. 

Cardiff and Wales are known more for their beautiful natural attractions all around the country. Living in Cardiff offers an excellent countryside lifestyle with easy access to fresh air and greenery.

With the Brecon Beacons mountain range and Pembrokeshire coastline, you can spend many days exploring the nature around Cardiff.

Why should you move to Cardiff?


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Aside from the peaceful lifestyle in Cardiff, there is also a range of practical benefits from moving to Cardiff.

Cardiff is an excellent place for families on the whole. Families with kids will likely need more space to live comfortably.

Cardiff has the benefit of many spacious homes with lots of garden space. The kids can run around safely without you having to worry about where they are!

Education will also be another one of your worries as a family. Before you move into an area, you need to make sure there are good schools a short distance away. Cardiff has many great primary and secondary schools all over the city.

So there will be a few good schools quite close to most residential areas in Cardiff.

Cardiff is also very popular with students. There are 3 universities in the area, so you will find many students living in Cardiff.

If you’re looking to move to Cardiff as a student, there will be many others in your position, so there’s no need to worry.

Getting around the city is also relatively easy. Cardiff’s local public transport network is very reliable. You will find many services to get to different areas of the city. It’s straightforward to use public transport if you need to regularly travel somewhere, such as work or school.

With a few larger train stations, transport to other cities across 

Wales and the rest of the UK are also possible.

Prices in Cardiff

In the summer months, demand for housing is usually much higher. This is due mainly to families mo

One of the most significant benefits of life in Cardiff is its affordability. House prices in Cardiff are relatively low, and you can find a house with lots of space for a low price.

The average house price is around £267,000. There are many different properties and different sizes on offer in Cardiff.

House prices are rising very quickly in Cardiff. So you need to try and start hunting as soon as possible to capitalize on the affordability. Prices in Cardiff have risen by 9% since 2019, and this trend is likely to rise.

The considerable rise in prices does make buying property in Cardiff an option for developers and investors. If the trend continues, Cardiff could be very profitable for property investment.

ving in the summer holidays as it’s less hassle and students who have just graduated looking for accommodation.

If you avoid these months, there will be less competition, and you might negotiate a lower price.

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