These 5 Things Will Help You Find The Best Property In Hightown

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Property Listings (Liverpool)

4-Bedroom Property in Hightown, Liverpool/ £300,000

This cozy, detached four-bedroom property is the perfect home for a small family. This home features a warm fireplace and beautiful wooden floors. There is a flourishing garden in the front and back yard, providing plenty of flowers and a beautiful atmosphere. One can easily walk to the beach from this property. There is plenty of services in town as well.

Key Features

  1. Four bedrooms
  2. Garage
  3. Conservatory
  4. Beautiful Gardens
  5. Close proximity to the beach
  6. Detached home
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Each room in the house has double glazing plus central heating, which creates a comfortable living space during the coldest winters. The large, spacious kitchen has a skylight that allows natural sunlight into the house. With this, your home could be surrounded by nature and natural lighting all year round.

This property is located in Blundell Road, Hightown, Liverpool L38. There are two churches, reputable schools, doctors, and more in the area, you can find it here:

Mortgage Breakdown

Price = £300,000

10% Deposit = £30,000

Repayment Term = 25 years

Interest Rate = 2%

Monthly Mortgage Payment = £1,144

Contact our property management professionals to start the process of obtaining this property. We’ll advise you on the repayment plans you should use, and the deposit amount you should aim for to get lower interest rates. For more information. For more information, Call Kanti Walden.


How can I research a Hightown Liverpool investment property?

You can evaluate current and previous home prices, examine regional housing market trends, and consult local real estate agents to learn more about Liverpool’s local real estate market. You can also go to open homes and local property fairs to discover what’s available.

What types of Hightown Liverpool investment property is in demand?

Liverpool’s popular real estate options are apartments, townhouses, and single-family homes. Additionally, homes near amenities, schools, and public transportation are in high demand.

What are the most crucial elements when purchasing an investment property in Hightown, Liverpool?


Location, property type, size, price range, and any particular amenities or features you may seek should all be considered when purchasing an investment property in Liverpool. 

A clear grasp of your investment objectives, methods, and research into the local real estate market is also crucial.