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Serene 1-Bedroom Retirement Apartment with Communal Lounge and Gardens / £400,000 Leasehold

This retirement apartment is uniquely situated in London on Hindes Road. The communal lounge and gardens create a relaxing atmosphere for people who desire serenity and nature where they live. Its location is in a large community for retired people over the ages of 60.

Those who live here enjoy the privacy of their own apartments, while benefitting from a close-knit community environment. All tenants have access to the 24hr emergency system and personnel staff when needed.

Key Features

  1. Self-Contained Accommodation 
  2. Central Harrow Location 
  3. Retirement Apartments
  4. Safety and Security 
  5. Close to Amenities
  6. Communal Lounge and Gardents
  7. One and Two Bedroom Apartments Available 
  8. 10-Year NHBC Guarantee

Every one of these apartments is fully furnished with high attention to detail. The kitchens have contemporary styles, and the rest of the properties are designed to be accessible for all tenants. The apartment building is wheelchair friendly and all the rooms are easily accessible for people with disabilities.

Some of the apartments also have stunning balconies, and all tenants have access to ample parking space. Each property has been thoughtfully planned and designed to ensure that tenants have the best living conditions possible. This apartment building is located on Hindes Road, Rosen House Retirement Living, you can find it here:

Mortgage Breakdown

Total mortgage price = £400,000

Annual interest rate = 2.4%

The repayment period is 10-25 years

Monthly repayments = £1,686

Deposit = £10,000-£20,000 (low deposits typically have higher interest rates)

Contact our property management professionals to start the process of obtaining this property. We’ll advise you on the repayment plans you should use, and the deposit amount you should aim for to get lower interest rates. For more information, Call Kanti Walden.


What listings are available for sale in Hindes road London investment property?

Properties for sale in London include apartments, houses, townhouses, and commercial properties. Depending on your preferences for the area, price range, and the kind of home you’re searching for, you have a wide range of options.

How do I know if a property listing is a good investment?

When evaluating a property listing as a potential investment, it is important to consider factors such as location, condition, and potential rental income. 

It’s also important to research the local real estate market and consider how the property may perform in the long term. Consult with a skilled property investor to get a professional opinion on its potential returns.

What should I be aware of when viewing property listings in London?

When viewing property listings in London, it’s important to consider the condition of the property, its location, and its potential for rental income or capital appreciation. 

It’s also important to be aware of any potential issues or problems with the property, such as structural issues, dampness or mould, and to consider the cost of any necessary repairs.