House-hunting in Brighton

House-hunting in Brighton

House-hunting in Brighton

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The seaside town of Brighton is a unique and vibrant area that attracts many visitors a year. With beautiful beaches and coastal houses, it’s clear why people want to relocate to Brighton.

Brighton is a fantastic city because you get the mix of urban and rural living all in one. Peaceful and quiet houses near the coast may give you a taste of countryside living. 

If you prefer city life, the center of Brighton is always full of people and gives you the bustling lifestyle of larger cities.

Most people agree that house-hunting is never an easy task. Finding your perfect house requires lots of searching and research.

Moving to a new city is also a daunting decision, even if the city is as excellent as Brighton! To help you out, we’ve put together a guide to Brighton and the prices of housing in Brighton. 

With this new information, you should be able to find a house that’s perfect for you in no time!

What to expect from Brighton

Brighton is a very popular seaside town, and many people are looking to buy property there. The seaside aspect of Brighton is probably its most notable feature.

When living in Brighton, you are never too far away from a day out on the beach. This makes it a trendy area for tourists, so there are always events going on in Brighton. With so many different cafes and restaurants, you will always find yourself with things to do on the weekend.

Brighton has its own unique nightlife by the sea, which is different from most other cities in the UK. Brighton is very energetic with its fair share of clubs and events, and your nights will be very active here.

An excellent nightlife scene is especially attractive if you’re a young professional looking to move to Brighton. More students and young professionals will be looking to rent or buy property in Brighton because of the nearby universities: the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex.

As well as universities, there is also a long list of excellent primary and secondary schools. If you’re a family looking to buy property in Brighton, you need to ensure your children will go to the best schools in the area.

House-hunting in Brighton

Source: Unsplash

History of Brighton

To contrast the vibrant life of modern Brighton, Brighton also has a rich history with many historical landmarks dotted across the town. Since the start of the 14th century, Brighton has been a town, so it’s bound to have lots of history to come with it!

One of the most famous historical features is St Nicholas Church. The church was built in the 12-13th century and survived a fire in 1514 that burnt down most of the town.

The town progressed a lot since the fire, and in around 1800, it was already a well-known tourist destination. People from other areas in the UK were spending short trips to visit the seaside and experience Brighton.

In the 1900s, the town started developing and improving its most prominent attractions, such as Brighton Pier. Around this time, Brighton was experiencing an incredible 120,000 London visitors a year!

This has shaped Brighton into being the exciting and famous town that it is today.

Prices in Brighton

Brighton is a very sought-after area of the UK. Sometimes it’s even known as London-by-the-sea! It has so much to offer and such a lavish lifestyle available lots of people are looking to move there. Unfortunately, this comes at a price- living in Brighton is pretty costly.

Brighton is in the south of England, so house prices are already higher than in the rest of the UK. The prices of property in Brighton have increased to around £465,691. 

The good news is houses are cheaper than some other areas in London, so you can save money on mortgage or rent payments if you’re moving from these areas. You can pay around half your rent by moving from London to Brighton. Brighton has excellent connectivity, so you can easily keep your job and commute to London.

Although properties in Brighton are at sine of the highest prices in the UK outside of London, Brighton definitely isn’t unaffordable.

You can still have a perfect house near the beach in Brighton without paying an arm and a leg. without paying an arm and a leg. It may be harder to do this in Brighton than in other cities in the UK, but most people agree that cheaper areas in the UK aren’t as lovely as Brighton!

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