Houses for sale in blackburn

A guide to buying houses in Blackburn?

Blackburn is a town in Lancashire in the North of England with a population of just over 110,000. It is very close to other prominent cities, such as Manchester and Preston, and served well by motorways to the rest of the UK.

If you’re thinking about moving or buying a house in Blackburn, then you’re not alone! Blackburn is becoming more popular with many people looking to relocate there.

Blackburn isn’t as large as the major cities nearby, like Manchester, but it is still a lively town with a significant population. More people opt to move to Blackburn because of its great mix of the city and country lifestyle.

Looking for houses for sale in Blackburn can be pretty challenging. Of course, moving to a whole new city is a big decision. Here you’ll find some background information about Blackburn and the prices of houses for sale to make your decision a bit easier.

Is Blackburn a nice place to live?

Blackburn is a great fit for many different types of people- from students to families. 

If you’re more interested in the lively nights out in a town, then Blackburn will make a wonderful home for you. The nightlife in Blackburn is superb, and there is a range of different clubs to make for a great time out. 

There’s even the addition of King George’s Hall. This venue is visited by some of the most famous artists and bands in the UK. If you experience one of these events, it will almost certainly be a night that you won’t forget.

The transportation network in the town is also top tier. This includes public transport within the town and connecting Blackburn to the rest of the UK. Road networks in Blackburn are very efficient and of high quality.

There are also three large train stations in Blackburn, making for swift and efficient travel to other cities in the UK.

Blackburn provides several colleges and easy access to nearby universities like Lancashire University for students. And for families, primary and secondary school education in Blackburn is at a high standard.

Prices in Blackburn

The housing market in Blackburn has been booming recently. Blackburn’s town center has undergone a £3 million regeneration scheme which has invited more demand for houses in Blackburn.

The scheme has been focused on offices and workspaces and is designed to make Blackburn a more attractive place to come and work.

The average house price in Blackburn is around £165,000, meaning it has risen by around 9.31% in the past 12 months. 

Compared to the south of the UK, the prices of houses are relatively low. This is more than half of the average house prices in areas like London and Oxford. Lower house prices provide even more incentive to move to Blackburn and save yourself some money on mortgage payments.

Types of Houses

There’s also a wide range of houses for sale in Blackburn. The type and size of the house affect the market price heavily. There are larger detached houses in Blackburn with average prices of around £280,000. 

Detached houses are generally found on the outskirts of Blackburn, where there is more space. They are usually equipped with more spacious gardens and more general greenery in the area. 

Detached houses are more popular with families who have more need for space and multiple bedrooms.

Terraced houses are much cheaper, with an average price of around £97,000. This lower price usually is because these houses are smaller and have fewer rooms and spaces.

There are still beautiful houses in this style, and they are an excellent fit for students who don’t particularly need lots of space. Typically, these houses are closer to the town center meaning lower transport costs and easy travel to all the events in town.

If you’re more familiar with apartment-style living, then you can find lots of comfy flats in Blackburn. The average price for flats in Blackburn is around £110,000. There is a lot of differentiation between flats that affects the price.

You can find very cheap studio flats that won’t eat into your budget at all. If you’re looking for something more flashy, there are many penthouse flats with significantly higher price tags!

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