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Where to Invest in Property in the UK

Property in the UK

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Investing in property is never a simple task. With so many different factors to account for, it can be challenging to find a house that will make you a decent amount of money.

With house prices in the UK rising, buying houses for investment is becoming more and more profitable. Recent changes to the housing market have made lots of people turn to the UK for investment. 

With the stamp duty holiday and very low-interest rates, many more areas are looking viable for investment. 

If you’re looking to start your house investment journey, you’ll need to know the best places and also how to identify if a house is going to become more valuable or not. This is not easy if you don’t have a lot of experience in house investment.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the best areas in the UK for house investment. In the current climate, these cities should be set to make great returns on investments.


Property in the UK

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Derby is right in the middle of the UK and offers excellent links to both the north and south of the UK. 

Housing statistics show Derby is one of the best areas in the UK to invest your money. Over the last five years, houses prices in Derby have grown by a massive 22% in the past five years.

This growth is set to continue, so buying property in Derby is an excellent idea if you’re looking to invest.

One of the critical factors of Derby’s growth is its vast student population and employment opportunities. Derby is so well-connected that there are 17 universities only an hour away from the city!

Many students are looking for houses to buy or rent in Derby to commute to their respective universities. This extra flow of students has increased the demand for houses and the price of housing.

Demand for houses is also increasing due to the number of jobs available in the derby. 

With HS2 increasing connectivity and projects in the city, the future is looking very bright for Derby! The current average rental yield is 5%, and prices could increase by 24% in the next four years.



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Manchester is one of the biggest cities in the north of the UK. If you’re looking for where to buy property for a safe investment, Manchester is probably your best choice.

Manchester continues to be a hub for growth and investment in the north of the UK. In the past five years, prices in Manchester have grown by around 16%.

Manchester’s economy and population have multiplied in the last few years and fueled a rise in house prices. This trend is looking like it will continue, with prices predicted to rise by another 17%.

Manchester has its fair share of students and young professionals. With lots of global companies operating in Manchester, there are top employment opportunities.

This is an excellent advert for young professionals to rent houses in manchester who are looking to kick off or grow their career.

Manchester has a list of universities that draw in students to the cities and increase demand for housing.

Many future projects, such as the Great North Railway plan, are expected to start in 2022 and promote further growth in Manchester.



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Birmingham has been a prevalent choice of investment for the past few years. It’s the second-largest city in the UK and has experienced some great price and population growth recently.

The Big City Plan has fuelled incredible growth in Birmingham, and demand for houses is now at one of the highest levels in Birmingham’s history. Prices in Birmingham are predicted to rise by 20%, which present great returns for investors.

The unique thing about Birmingham is that it’s a large city but also very affordable. Because of this, house prices have increased by 14% in the last five years. This factor has drawn many people to rent and buy houses in Birmingham.

A fascinating event for Birmingham’s future is the Commonwealth games in 2022. The Commonwealth Games will provide a considerable boost in tourism and spending in Birmingham and add to the city’s overall growth.

Birmingham is in the centre of England, so it has excellent connectivity. Completing HS2 will improve transport links even further and attract more people to Birmingham and increase housing demand.

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