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List of Top Property Development Courses

Why You Should Take Property Development Courses

Property development is a must-have skill if you are investing in properties and whether or not you are head of the development itself, you should at least know the ins and outs of property development should you opt to hire a developer.

Property development also encompasses property management, so with so many subdivisions of the topic itself, you should be sure you know the basics of each. Being a property investor means needing to know development and management, so be sure to brush up on courses and your knowledge.

Property development is a part of property investment, but it is a bit more complex and advanced than investing alone. So while it encompasses all the aspects of property investing it does go a stage further than its counterpart.

Top Property Development

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Our List of Top Property Development Courses

Ah Udemy, this is by far one of our team’s favorite learning sites. This list goes over both a compilation of our top recommended paid and free property development courses.

Paid Property Development Courses

How to Systematically Find Reliable and Trustworthy Tenants-

How to Systematically Find Reliable and Trustworthy Tenants is one of many great options if you want to pay for a course. This property development course is three hours of video lessons and is $20. We count this as a must in your professional development because after you invest in a property, you will need to be sure a reliable tenant is able to fill the space, pay in a timely manner, and if you bulk up your portfolio you will want to be sure you have a systemic approach to this.

Property Management 101

Property Management 101 is another in our lineup of property development courses that the Pearl Lemon Properties team would recommend you check out. This $45 course helps guide you through concepts including fundamentals of property management, pros and cons of property management, and the mindset you need to be a successful landlord all packed into one hour of video lecture.

Fundamentals of Residential Property Management

Fundamentals of Residential Property Management is one last paid course we would recommend if you are starting out your career in property development and investing. This hour and a half of video lecture will cost you $25 and will help you become familiar with concepts including leasing processes, policies and procedures, laws you may need to become familiar with, and how important service is in this niche.

Free Property Development Courses

Rising Property Investor

Rising Property Investor is a free course that we would recommend and is actually a continuation of other lectures produced by Sourced. This course is meant for those closer to the beginner level looking to establish a career in properties. Concepts continue from the newbie course going over further key concepts, pros, and cons of property development and investment, and additional tips.

Mogul Property Investor

Mogul Property Investor is a third in a series of property development and property investing courses published by Sourced. This mogul course is the last and most advanced in its series and is aimed at those really aiming to establish themselves in a steady career and growing a business for property development and investing. This course focuses on investment strategies and tips and tricks around this as the video suggests going over its previous two courses before watching this one.

Real Estate Essentials

Real Estate Essentials is one last property development and management course we would recommend if you are looking for some free courses to brush your skills up with. This course is a little over an hour long and goes over building a buy box, performing deal analysis, and effective ownership all in the name of helping you establish yourself on a career path in property investing and development.

Quick Wrap Up

The team at Pearl Lemon Properties is glad to provide you with the given list of courses to help you on your journey in property development.

Just starting out in the world of property investing and property development. Head to our other blog post on our favorite property investing courses to brush up on starter concepts before continuing onward with property development.

Have suggestions for your favorite courses? Leave us a comment or send us a message and we can add your favorite courses to our list.

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