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Moving to Nottingham

Moving to Nottingham

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In the past few years, Nottingham has been a city filled with economic growth and excitement. With many students relocating to Nottingham for university and other young professionals, it’s been filled with life.

Nottingham also has a rich past and lots of historic attractions and events. With reliable transport connections to the rest of the country and excellent schools, it’s easy to see why people want to move to Nottingham.

More than ever, people living in large cities like London or Birmingham all their lives are looking for a change. If you’ve lived or are living the city life, you will know it can be very challenging!

With lots of traffic, pollution and a hectic lifestyle, it may be time to move to a more peaceful and relaxed city. If you’re looking for a calmer environment, then Nottingham is the city for you.

Even with all the amazing things about Nottingham, relocating to a new city isn’t easy. Before you even get to the challenges of packing all your belongings and moving, you still need to know good areas of the city and what it’s like to live in the city.

If you’re asking what Nottingham is like and where to move to in Nottingham, here is a swift introduction to Nottingham and what areas are best suited to you.

What to expect from Nottingham

Nottingham is a vibrant city with many different cultures and events to enjoy. There is a brilliant mix of modern areas and places dedicated to Nottingham’s history.

Nottingham is filled with young people and is currently the UK’s second-youngest core city. This means if you’re a student or young professional looking to buy houses in Nottingham, you’ll fit right in. With lots of people in the same age range and position as you, you’ll be sure to make lots of new friends.

Nottingham is filled with lots of greenery and countryside areas. Sherwood Forest is a big attraction for many people. You can have a fantastic day out with the family and get some nice fresh air without having to travel miles. 

There is also quick access to the Peak District national park. The Peak District also offers a beautiful nature and countryside experience.

Shopping is a big part of Nottingham. You will find a mix of lovely small businesses and more prominent designer brands in the central high streets. This mix provides a brilliant shopping experience which will also expose you to many cultures from all over the world.

The history of Nottingham is not forgotten. The cobbled streets of Hockley have still been preserved, so you can also experience some of Nottingham’s past.

Moving to Nottingham

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Best areas to live in Nottingham

Hockley and Lace Market

When living in Hockley and Lace Market, Nottingham’s city centre is right on your doorstep. This area is an attractive fit for young professionals as you will find houses that are the perfect size.

One of the benefits of living in the town centre is that you’re right next to all the fun! With easy and quick access to shops and restaurants in the centre of town, a good day out is never too far away.


If you have a family and are looking to move to Nottingham, Beeston is perfect. Its location means you have easy access to transport all around Nottingham.

It has more significant properties with more spacious gardens meaning buying property here is much more suitable for families. There are many activities in Beeston for all the families and several good schools in the area.


Wollaton is another location that is very popular with families. This residential area has lots of close-knit people giving it a more community feel.

You can find excellent schools and activities here that all the family can enjoy.


Lenton is a spot that is close to the centre of town that convenience shops and other necessities well support. It’s very popular with students and young professionals because of its easy transport links to the city centre and the various universities.

For those who want to be close to the inner city but aren’t fans of apartments, this area is perfect.

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