Our Process


Pearl Lemon is a property sourcing company based in London, founded by entrepreneur Deepak Shukla in 2021. 

Our company aims to provide aspiring as well as established real estate investors with properties, to either initiate or diversify their portfolio. 

With our extensive network of professionals in the sector, Pearl Lemon Properties ensures that the investment journey of our clients is as smooth as possible. 

All the way from sourcing a property to it’s purchase, our team of experts will advise you at every stage.

Our Specialisms and Services

We possess the expertise to source all property types, ranging all the way from residential to landed estate.

Keeping your investment criteria in mind we will find the sort of property best suited to you and your motives. 

In addition to sourcing mainstream real estate, our team also specialises in the “Below-Market Value” or “BMV” properties. 

These are discounted properties that can be sold at prices as much as 40% below the RICS Property Valuation. 

With massive growth potential and scope for steady income, such properties are lucrative investments; however, they are rare and usually off-market. 

This is where Pearl Lemon comes in, using our connections within the industry we will keep you updated on BMV properties that are available around the UK and even abroad. 

We have knowledge of both the UK and international real estate markets, meaning we can cater to both foreign clients looking to invest in the UK and also British residents looking to invest abroad.


The Sourcing Process

Our sourcing process is unique and rigorous, we use a tiered approach to ensure all your criteria are met. The approach is summarized in the diagram below:

How it WOrks

Initial Consultation

We will book an on-boarding call to gauge your investment motives and criteria. We will also take note of other services you may require from Pearl Lemon Properties so that we can start reaching out to professionals in our network. 

This call will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions regarding our firm and services. It will also be a chance for us to explain what sets Pearl Lemon Properties apart from the rest of the property sourcers out there and for you to decide whether you would like to work with us.

Follow-Up Call

If you decide that our firm is right for you, we will schedule a follow up call during which we will recap and reconfirm the details of your desired property type. The team will have done some initial research and will inform you about possibilities within the market in regards to your specific criteria. 

You will have a chance to pose some questions to our property experts and discuss some technicals such as financing, tenure and any development plans you may have.

follow call
Process of Pearl Lemon

The Search

Our sourcing process will start. Using our tiered approach we will begin filtering the market and start identifying properties that fit your criteria. Our network will provide us with a substantial collection of off-market properties which we will present to you along with the mainstream options. 

Our team will provide weekly updates on the progress made in the search; informing you of potential properties, the state of the market and explaining our strategy moving forward. These updates can be in through email, calls or even Whatsapp messaging, whichever suits you best. 

You can then provide us with feedback on the properties we present to you and what you think of the search so far in general. Your feedback is very important to us and we will expand on our strategy accordingly.

Closing the deal

Once we find a property which you approve of, we will arrange a viewing for you. If you go ahead with your purchase we will collect our sourcing fee and get you into contact with any necessary professionals you may require, whether it be a mortgage broker or a surveyor. 

If your deal happens to fall through with no fault of your own, we will conduct another search with no additional fee. Please note, if you wish to stop the search for any reason, you will be charged a fee for our search attempt.


Fee Structure

The below diagram outlines our fee structure:

We operate on a case by case basis and this structure is subject to change dependant on client criteria or service.