Find Your Dream Property In London With These 5 Proven Sourcing Strategies

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Get The Best Deals By Hiring Our Property Sourcing In London

It can be chaotic trying to look for the right property for you, as there are countless listings uploaded in the market daily, and not having vital information and key tips on where to look for can often leave you exasperated at the end of the day. 

This is especially accurate if you’re looking to find a property in London. 

The London property market is always filled with activity. New developments have been on the rise constantly to meet the demand of the capital’s growing hunger for housing

Having said that, did you know that London needs 56,400 new homes every year? Amazing, right? Apparently, that’s the statistics according to West One Loans

But that’s not entirely shocking. After all, who wouldn’t want to live where the ever famous Big Ben is located? 

And don’t even get us started on historic establishments like Westminster Abbey, Tower of London and Buckingham Palace

Living in the city fit for royalty? Now who wouldn’t want that?

What is Property Sourcing in London?

According to Goliath Sourcing Academy, Property Sourcing is the activity that all property professionals undertake to find, analyse, negotiate and complete on property deals. 

In simpler terms, Property sourcing is the act of sourcing and negotiating properties on behalf of sellers and investors. 

Listed below are just some responsibilities of a property sourcer 

  • Analysing the best deals for you 
  • Area research 
  • Generating leads
  • Seeing the deal through from start to finish 
  • Implementing possible investment strategy 
  • Searching the market for prospective properties that fit your budget 
Property sourcing in London
Property Sourcing in Sheffield

Why would you need property sourcing?

Not everybody has the luxury of time to check for every listing that shows up on a quick search. And the truth is, not every property is listed on the market, either. 

More often than not, property sellers are unsure of how to get their listings up in the market. 

In turn, investors and buyers are most probably missing out on a lot of excellent deals. 

This is where hiring a property sourcing agent comes in handy. 

All you need to do is provide them with the location of your choice, your budget, and all your other preferences, and they’ll be the ones to do the work for you. 

For everyday people, researching can be dreary. But for these experts, it’s where they excel and make use of all the vital information they have acquired through experience. 

Getting help from the right people to source suitable properties and provide you with all the know-how can make a huge difference in the overall experience.

What’s in it for you?

Investing in properties, big or small, means shelling out your hard-earned money. For this reason alone, you would want to be careful and have all the vital knowledge before making a transaction. 

A property sourcing company like Pearl Lemon Properties can tremendously help you with everything you need, especially if you’re doing this for the first time. 

Below are just some benefits you will be getting when you hire a property sourcing agent. 

1. Insider deals

Want to get the best deals before it even hits the market? Hiring a property sourcer will give you that advantage, as their fundamental networking allows them to have insights into the hottest properties available. 

2. No time to research? We got you covered.

A crucial part of acquiring properties is finding the right one for you. That in itself can be a very tedious task- something you might not have enough time for. Making use of property sourcing can save you so much time and effort as they will narrow down the available properties to your preferences and target area. 

Let the property sourcers get you all the valuable information you need to get started on this journey! 

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Stylish composition of creative dining room interior in scandinavian apartment.

3. Save up on grands!

We know it would seem like hiring a property sourcing company could mean more money to fork over. But we assure you that that’s not exactly the case. 

Hiring a professional team to do the work for you can help you avoid unnecessary fees while in the process of looking for a property. Working with property sourcers will be a cost-effective step for you.

4. Avoid scams like a pro

Don’t let scammers get a hold of your hard-earned money and waste your time. Working with the right people can absolutely help you avoid this terrible situation 

A credible property sourcing company will shield you from being taken advantage of by scammers and get you only safe and reliable information.

Why Pearl Lemon Properties?

It is important to work with a reputable company in any transaction. In this case, Pearl Lemon Properties can do so much for you in terms of finding the best property investment. 

We pride ourselves in being a market-leading investment specialist advisory service who can spot not only the best but the most affordable Below Market Value residential and commercial properties. 

With Pearl Lemon Properties, you are entitled to the following:

The hottest deals at your fingertips

We want to provide you with only the best property listings there are in the market. Easily go through our wide range of available properties, and you’ll find the right-fit one for you. 

Dedicated support group

We have an extensive network of professionals to help get things started for you. Whether you need assistance with Finance and Bridging specialists or finding the best building contractors, even providing you with experts in legal advisement-Pearl, Lemon Properties has them all. 

Beautiful apartment house
Apartment in nordic style

One point of contact

Trying to get everybody on the same page as you can be time-consuming and very exhausting. Dealing with people from different departments and expertise can also be a hassle, especially with various barriers that hinder a smooth transaction. 

With Pearl Lemon Properties, you wouldn’t need to worry about such things because we have all the experts you need all in one place.

Outstanding business knowledge

We are leading the market for a reason. 

We don’t just talk the talk, we most definitely walk the walk. 

Our extensive knowledge in this field puts us above any other competitors in the market. With experience and technology like ours, you wouldn’t go wrong in choosing us. 

We are with you, 24/7

We understand that not everyone has the time of day to go through personal interests. This is why we are available to assist you at your most convenient time. 

Want to see for yourself? Book a call with us today!


What is lead generation in terms of property investment?

In general, a lead refers to an individual showing interest in a property. Lead generation is the process of sharing information crucial in marketing a property. The more leads, the better as it only goes to show that a property is being marketed properly and in turn is receiving a lot of attention from possible buyers. 

Is a sourcing agent ‘compliant’?

In the UK, there are many non-compliant agents looking to close deals with clients. This is why it’s very important to make sure that the sourcing company you will be hiring is fully-compliant. That way, you can avoid major financial loss and waste of precious time. 

One way to check for compliance is to know if they are supervised by HMRC and insured for Professional Indemnity.

How does property sourcing work?

Property sourcers are responsible for putting together deals for prospective investors and buyers. The client will only have to provide their budget, target location along with other preferences and the sourcer will be on the lookout for the best possible deal for them. 

What is a finders fee?

This is a more commonly used term for the professional fee of a property sourcing agent. On average, a finders fee would range between one and five thousand pounds per deal. 

Is Property Sourcing Regulated?

In relation to being compliant, property sourcing is strictly regulated, and the business should be registered with HMRC. This is to avoid any type of suspicious and fraudulent activity while the transaction is ongoing.