Relocating to Bath

Relocating to Bath

Bath is an incredibly unique city in the south of England with one of the richest histories in the UK. This feature gives the Bath residents fascinating historical sites and places they can visit easily.

Bath has a good mix of peaceful countryside life and urban life nearer the center of the city. This means Bath can cater to many different types of people, or you can live with a nice balance of the two lifestyles.

Bath is known for its relaxing and revitalizing reputation of the past. Fortunately, these qualities are still prevalent today as you can find a property fit for you in this soothing city.

Moving to a new city is never an easy task. Buying a new property will always come with the usual challenges, and you also need to make sure the city works for you and your lifestyle.

To make your decision a bit easier, we’ve put together some more information about Bath which will help you understand the city a bit better. We’ll also offer some information for the many students moving to Bath for the university. 

This information will make your house-hunting journey more straightforward, and hopefully, you should be able to find your perfect house in no time!

What does Bath have to offer?

Bath has over 2000 years of history, so the architecture and historical areas are some of the most popular parts of the city. The stunning buildings and sites draw in around 400,000 tourists to the city per year. So tourism is another big part of Bath.

Romans heavily developed Bath and built lots of hot spring baths, and established it as a place of relaxation and healing. This started Bath’s reputation as a tourist city as people from Europe and England came to visit these baths.

Modern Bath still benefits from this as the beautiful roman architecture is visible to this day.

This tourism has resulted in a city with many different cultures and diversity to mix with the ancient buildings.

The high street is unique and has a distinct theme of old vs. new. There are more modern areas with different shops and restaurants from all types of areas in the world. There are also areas dedicated to Bath’s past.

If you’re thinking about buying property in Bath, you also have to make sure it’s practical for you. Bath has excellent transport links, especially to the rest of the south. 

Many trains and coach services are transporting from Bath to London very quickly. This means if you’re moving from these areas, you’ll still be able to commute to work pretty comfortably.

Prices in Bath

The average property price in Bath is around £380,000. The house prices are relatively high and £100k more than the UK average of £280,000. In terms of actual living costs, it’s also the 6th most expensive city in the UK.

However, this doesn’t mean Bath is entirely unaffordable. It’s cheaper than all London boroughs, so moving from London to Bath is still a great idea.

Many Londoners are doing this already. A large proportion of residents of Bath are people who used to live in London and are still commuting there for work.

The great thing about buying property in Bath is that there are so many different options. From historical cottages to large contemporary housing, there’s something fit for everyone.

Prices will vary depending on the type of house you’re buying. If you’re buying property for a family, you’ll be looking at £300,000 and upwards. But if you’re living individually, you can find a one-bedroom flat for around £150,000.

Moving to Bath as a Student

Due to the University of Bath, the city has a very high student population. If you’re looking to attend the University in the next few years, you’ll need to find housing there.

If you’re in a position to buy a property in Bath as a student, then there are many options available near the university. There are many flats in the area that are a short distance from the university.

But most students will be looking to rent accommodation and renting options are also available. For rent, you’ll be looking at around £140-190 per week. 

In your search, make sure to look at university accommodation and also accommodation on standard property websites. You may find a cheaper or better quality house on those websites.

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