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Relocating to Brighton

Relocating to Brighton

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There are many great reasons to move to Brighton. Brighton is a much calmer and more comfortable area of the UK that will make for a peaceful environment. It’s a great contrast to the large cities like London and Birmingham.

If you’re looking to relocate somewhere different from city life, Brighton is the place for you! Living in busy cities can be very tough and draining. With less traffic and more space, it’s clear that living in Brighton is a less stressful experience!

One of the most popular qualities of Brighton is that it’s by the sea. Everyone loves the beach! When living in Brighton, you have easy access to the seaside and easy access to the rest of the UK.

Fast trains make swift journeys from Brighton to areas like London. Therefore, you can still keep your London job and keep all the benefits of living in Brighton.

Where are the best areas to buy properties?

It’s great to have specific places in Brighton where you would like to move. Having a list of great neighbourhoods will make your property search a lot easier.

The great thing about Brighton is that it has lots of variety, so there are different areas to fit all types of people.

Hove Park

Hove Park is probably one of the best areas in Brighton for families. It presents an extensive range of homes of all different sizes- from bungalows to large detached houses.

There are larger houses with spacious gardens and lots of fun activities in the area, including a miniature railway track and a play area for families. Hove Park is also home to some of the best primary schools in Brighton.

Kemp Town

Kemp Town is a more lively part of Brighton with lots of pubs, bars and restaurants. Many special events are going on, so make sure you are up to date with Kemp Town news!

Kemp Town is an excellent fit for students and young people. There are plenty of flats and rental accommodations available for people living independently or in smaller families. 

Preston Park

If you plan to live in Brighton and commute to areas for work, this area is perfect for you.

Preston Park has a train station within walking distance from most of the houses, making your commute quicker and easier.

With large Victorian houses and good schools, this area is also a good fit for large families.


Hanover is full of affordable housing, making it popular with students. It’s also a very short distance from the train station, so students from all over the country can travel back to their hometowns.

Hanover also has a long list of brilliant primary schools for families. There are many pubs and restaurants in Hanover for days out to add to the friendly community feel.

Similar to Kemp Town, there are always events and activities going on in Hanover, so there’s always something different to do.

Is Brighton expensive?

Relocating to Brighton

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One of the downsides of Brighton is the cost of living. Unfortunately, it is one of the most expensive cities in the UK, but this is due to all the benefits that it gives you.

Brighton is in the south of the UK, so house prices here are relatively high, increasing by 40% in the last ten years. The average house price in Brighton is £465,691. 

Houses are cheaper than some other areas in the south, such as Oxford and London, so it may be cost-effective to move from those cities. You can pay half your rent by moving from London to Brighton and still commute quickly. Therefore, lots of people are already moving from London to Brighton.

Although properties in Brighton are the second most expensive place in the UK outside of London, it’s important to note that this doesn’t mean Brighton is unaffordable.

You can still have a comfortable and peaceful life near the beach in Brighton on a budget. It may be harder to do this in Brighton than in other cities in the UK, but most people agree that cheaper areas in the UK aren’t as lovely as Brighton!

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