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Relocating to Leicestershire

Relocating to Leicestershire

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The population of Leicester has been steadily increasing over the past ten years. In 2011, the population was just over 500 thousand, and now it’s around 557,000. It’s now one of the most populated areas of the midlands- so why are people moving to Leicester and other areas in Leicestershire?

There are many reasons why Leicester is more appealing nowadays. In the past, it’s been shadowed by more prominent cities in the same areas, such as Birmingham. But Leicester’s excellent transport links and youth are making it more popular.

Even with all the positives, moving to a whole new city can be pretty daunting. Don’t worry, because we can help you out. In this guide, you’ll learn a bit more about what it’s like to live in Leicester and prime areas in Leicester, which will be perfect for you.

Before you start searching for houses for sale in Leicestershire, you need to be fully prepared. Luckily, we can give you all the most helpful information you’ll need.

What life is like in Leicestershire

Leicester is bang in the middle of England- you can’t be any more central than living in Leicester! Because Leicester is central, there are excellent transport services in any direction. You are right next to multiple major motorways that can take you to several major cities in the rest of the UK.

Leicester is also a relatively young and diverse city, so a day out in Leicester is never too far away. With lots of different cultures, there are always different things to try in Leicester.

Leicester is also one of the oldest cities in the UK, so it has many historical areas for those interested. There are plenty of historical landmarks dotted all over Leicestershire that are great to visit.

Leicestershire is an extensive area that caters to many different types of people. If you’re more familiar with the city lifestyle, the center of Leicester is still a large city and the houses for sale there may give you what you need. 

However, if you’re more of a countryside person, houses on the outskirts of Leicestershire are much quieter and fit for a country person.

Relocating to Leicestershire

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Best areas to live in Leicestershire


Oadby is an area of Leicester that is perfect for families and is one of the most famous towns in Leicester. 

It’s only a short ten minutes from Leicester city center, so there will be no long commute if you need to get into town. You can easily take the whole family into town without having to worry about long journeys.

The town is also filled with several supermarkets, so you don’t have to go into the city center every time you need to go on a weekly shop. Oadby is also equipped with its high street that will have everything you need.

For the kids, there is a long list of excellent schools- including primary and secondary schools.

Clarendon Park

Clarendon Park is popular with students and young professionals. It also doesn’t exclude families. There are still services here that are very popular with families.

It’s slightly further from the city center, but there are frequent buses into town, so the journey is enjoyable and still only two miles long. 

For Leicester university students, it’s only a short walk from Clarendon Park to the campus. The short journey to the campus means Clarendon Park has a very high student population. 

Since you don’t have to worry about long journeys and transport costs to the campus, living here makes student life a little less stressful.

The high street here still offers a lively range of bars and cafes that are fit for students and family-friendly. Again there’s a great range of supermarkets, so you can complete your shopping without having to travel to other areas.

Narborough Road

Narborough road prides itself in its diversity with a massive range of cultures on the road.

There’s always something new to try on Narborough Road because of the vibrant shops and restaurants. Because of this energy, it’s very popular with young professionals and students.

With rich culture, you can learn a lot and gain many new experiences from the multicultural community of Narborough Road.

There are also lovely areas of greenery in the area, which offers a great day out, but only if the weather is nice! 

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