Renting Flats in Swansea

Renting flats in Swansea

Rent flats in Swansea

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Renting is becoming extremely popular across the UK. With house prices rising, many people are struggling to build up a large deposit to buy their own homes. Therefore, to continue living in areas that you love, it’s likely that you will have to rent accommodation.

Flats are also becoming a preferred way of living in the UK property market. If you can find a flat in a nice area close to the city centre, they are very convenient. You walk out of your flat in some cases, and the city centre is right on your doorstep!

In Swansea, you can find an extensive range of flats on offer, so you should be able to find something that caters to you. But you’ll probably;y have a lot of boxes to tick if you want something perfect.

The renting market can be just as fierce as buying, so you’ll need to come in prepared. Knowing a bit more about the prices and rental costs of a city before you start searching there can be very helpful.

To help you with your search in Swansea here is more information about the prices and renting flats in the city.

Cost of renting flats in Swansea

One great thing about Swansea is that rental costs are relatively cheap. Although house prices are rising across the UK, if you’re searching in Swansea, you will probably find a lot of accommodation within your budget.

The average rent for a flat in Swansea is around £820 per month. Compared to most other areas of the UK this is a great price. For example, the average rent for flats in areas such as Bath is around £1500. 

If you relocate from Bath to Swansea, you could be saving around 50% on your rental payments per month! You could probably think of many things you could do with this extra cash. 

The rental costs all over Swansea are low, but they will vary based on the area of Swansea you’re looking to pursue. You will probably find the most use out of a flat if it’s close to the centre of town. However, this will come at a price because central flats will be more expensive.

Flats further away from town will have lower rent costs. But don’t just pick out a flat because it’s cheaper. If you have to transport regularly, you may move closer to town and save on transport costs.

Furthermore, the area of your house will make it a home. Moving to a flat in a better area may be a better experience for you. That experience will be well worth the extra money.

Prices will also vary depending on the size you’ll need. If you need more room space to support a family, you’ll be looking at around £1100 per month for a flat in Swansea.

Benefits of renting flats in Swansea


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We’ve already discussed the cost benefits of moving to Swansea. If you’re moving from areas in the south of the UK, you’re likely to save a couple of hundred pounds per month on rent alone.

Cost benefits are not the only advantages of living in Swansea. Swansea is the second most populated city in Wales so you can live in a friendly built-up urban environment. 

Swansea is also a coastal city. You can probably guess the benefits of living in a coastal city because everybody loves a day at the beach! There are loads of beaches dotted around Swansea’s coastline. If you’re a nature lover, then you’ll fall in love with the miles of coastline to explore.

Renting as a student

Swansea is a very educational city as you can find multiple universities in the city. The student population is very high in Swansea, so you’ll find the centre very vibrant- especially at night time!

As a student, you have quite a few options to rent. Student accommodation is available directly from the university, and you can also find accommodation on property portals.

Nowadays, most student housing will be in the form of flats. Finding a lovely flat that is close to your campus will make student life a lot less stressful. Spending money on daily transport to your campus will soon become a pain as you get used to university.

In terms of prices, you’ll be looking at around £100 to £150 per week for accommodation. 

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