How To Maximize A Studio Apartment

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Studio Apartment living can be an excellent option for a variety of people. Anyone who is single, a student, living abroad, living on a budget, or values simplicity is the perfect fit for a studio apartment. Read this page to learn more about the benefits of studio apartment living, ways to find a good studio apartment, and a few good deals on studio apartments in London. 


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You Don’t Need as Much Furniture

Furnishing a studio apartment is a significant draw to renting one for yourself. Why buy a four-bedroom house if you can only afford to furnish half of it? Studio apartments require much less furniture, which is very budget-friendly and allows you to focus on quality and style rather than being stuck just trying to fill empty space. 

Easy To Clean 

Cleaning a studio apartment is a significant benefit to living in one. There is only one room to clean! When cleaning a house or larger apartment, you always feel great while you are cleaning that first room, but after that, people tend to get burned out and give up. It ends up taking days to get the whole place clean. In a studio apartment, you can clean the kitchen, bedroom, and living room all in one go!

Utilities Cost Less

This one is a no-brainer and doesn’t require much explanation. A smaller space means fewer appliances, fewer lights, less heating, and cooling, offering you a significantly lower utility bill each month

It Encourages You To Get Out 

Living in a studio apartment is not ideal if you plan on having guests or parties. This is great because you have more to spend on entertainment and fun with the money you save living there! It encourages activity because there won’t be a whole lot to do, you may find yourself outdoors more, and that is great for your health. 

More Quality Time

If you live with a significant other, you will be able to spend more quality time together, this may seem overwhelming, but with the busy lives young professionals have today, it can be great for a relationship to not cascade into your own corners of a large home but rather spend time together and learn how to communicate better. 

Environmental Benefits 

If you are interested in green living and fighting climate change living in a studio apartment is a great way to do your part. Studio apartments use significantly less energy than larger homes, produce less waste, and are often in walkable neighbourhoods!

How to Maximize a Studio Apartment


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Go Vertical

When you’re in a one or two-bedroom apartment, you often have the luxury of additional closets and more room to spread out. When you’re renting a studio apartment, it’s time to think vertical rather than horizontal. 

Try multiple wall shelving units, hanging kitchen items from the ceiling, and wall-mounted hanging racks for clothing. Not only will it add visual appeal, but it will also keep your floor clutter-free and spacious-looking.

Consider Room Dividers 

It might seem counterproductive to divide a small space, but setting up separate “living zones” can give the feel of a much bigger apartment. Try using shelving to create a visual wall between your bed and the living room area. 

Alternatively, a folding screen can give you the ability to change up your space at will, allowing you to try new space options as often as you want.

Seek Innovative and Dual-Use Furniture 

Drawers under the bed? Tables with extra storage space? Thanks to innovative furniture design, small spaces are becoming infinitely more liveable. 

Try looking into sofa beds that can allow you to convert your bedroom to a living room for visitors easily, or even stacking tables that can double up as chairs. The more clever you are with your furniture, the more you’ll be able to get out of your home.

Stick to Lighter Colours 

Ever heard that wearing the colour black is slimming? The same goes for dark colours and rooms. Darker colours and paints tend to absorb light and make rooms look smaller, whereas lighter colours create an illusion of a bigger, more inviting room. Aim for off-whites, or even very light shades of colour in both your wall coverings and fabrics for maximum effect.

Great Neighbourhoods in London for Studio Apartments


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Here are a few great neighbourhoods where you can find studio apartments. The neighbourhoods will be categorized into most expensive, least expensive, most fun, and best for students. 

Most Expensive – SOHO

SOHO is an excellent neighbourhood for luxury and stylish studio apartments right in the middle of London. If you like shopping, walking around the town, working downtown, and don’t mind shelling out the extra pounds, then SOHO could be perfect for you. 

The studio apartments tend to be smaller and more expensive in SOHO, but most of your time will be spent out in the city! 

Least Expensive – Bexley

Bexley is that stands out for cheap studio apartments in London. Bexley could be a great fit if you are okay with sacrificing some benefits of living closer to downtown. Also saving money on your rent gives you more to spend on things you like to do!

Most Fun – Camden 

Well established as one of the coolest neighbourhoods in London. Camden Town is known for its gastronomy offering, lively nightlife, vibrant music scene, and arts culture. Go for a stroll along Regent’s Canal and indulge at one of the canal-side bars, restaurants, and cafes, or take a boat ride along the canal from Camden Lock.

Camden has a lot to offer when it comes to entertainment, but we wary it is not extremely budget-friendly. 

Best For Students – Kings Cross

With all its hustle-bustle, Kings Cross is one of the most preferred areas in London by students. The Kings Cross international station is amongst the most enchanting places in London. 

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Then you are just going to jump out high as Kings Cross station is home to the most famous secret platform, 9 3/4, to transport students to Hogwarts.

Located in the heart of the city, it is the hub for all famous pubs and clubs, and there are chances of you bumping into many celebrities. Amazing? Isn’t it?

Finding a Studio Apartment 

If you have decided a studio apartment is the best option for your style of living, here are a few great resources to find studio apartments in London:

Pearl Lemon Properties is a great resource to find any type of home or commercial space in London. They also have free guides to get a start in real estate investing if that is something you are interested in!