Street Parking

The Advantages Of Off Street Parking

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If you own a car, chances are you’ve had difficulties with parking. Yep, we’ve all been there, 

Do you remember eyeing a specific spot only for that particular space to be taken so suddenly and without you realizing? It can be a tough battle, for sure. Especially during the holidays when everyone seems to be outside and doing their last minute shopping. 

It could also be that you’re on your way to work, and you’re desperately looking for parking space so you can clock in on time. There’s just so many instances where you can be presented with a parking problem and we hear you

Which is why if you’re looking for a property, parking is one of the biggest factors that you have to consider. 

Street Parking

What is off street parking?

Street Parking

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First things first, let’s differentiate the two types of parking systems: On street and off street parking. 

Both are very easy to understand, as their mere terms will already give you an idea of what they mean. 

But to properly define them, according to GetMyParking, on-street parking is when you park on a street, along the sidewalk or anywhere in the street.  

Off street parking, on the other hand, refers to an allocated space specifically for the purpose of parking. A common example of this is a garage. 

Both parking systems can have different requirements. For example, some parking spaces would require permits or fees while in some cases, parking is free as long as it does not disturb or block the driveway of the establishment. 

Types of off-street parking

There are different types of off street parking depending on the type of establishment. 

  • Garage – often for private residential properties. 
  • Surface car parks – typically found within a complex or supermarket.
  • Multi-storey car parks – usually available for mall parking.
  • Roof or underground car parking – this type of parking is often used when there’s limited space available.
  • Mechanical car parking – lifts are used to park the car. 

In a nutshell, as long as the parking space is not anywhere on the street, it can be called off street parking. 

What are the advantages of off street parking?

Most off street parking spaces come with control regulations. 

This may mean that a certain parking area is allotted specifically for a customer, the owner, tenants, visitors or sometimes a combination of all. There may be signages indicating which parking space is for whom. In this case, one advantage of off street parking is not having to look for a parking space everytime you need it. 

If you’re searching the market for a property, you would also notice how having a garage parking is listed as one of the key benefits of acquiring a certain asset. This is because dedicated parking spaces nowadays can be considered as a necessity. Just as much as owning a car, they go hand in hand. 

In addition, if you’re a property owner looking to sell your place, there’s a good chance that you can put it out with a good selling price if it comes with a parking space. 

People nowadays consider this factor a lot, regardless if they drive or not, most likely due to the fact that cars dominate the road. At some point, a property owner will most definitely need a parking facility– either for their personal use or for other purposes. Some even rent out their parking spaces– an example of how a property owner can make money off their space. 

Street Parking

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Is off street parking free?

Off street parking is often privately owned. Say for example: a mall, a government facility or even an office.  Therefore, unlike some instances in on street parking, most of the time, off street parking would require a paid parking system

In private buildings or complexes, usually there’s a minimum amount for a specified number of hours. This would then increase depending on the length of stay of the vehicle. It can be a per day fee or a succeeding hour fee. Either way, it’s safe to say that parking in an enclosed space, rather than out in the streets, is much safer so it’s definitely worth the fee. 

There are even premises that offer premium services if you avail their parking space. One common example is valet parking

In terms of property acquisition, it’s best to get an asset with designated parking. Although this may have an additional cost in the overall price of the property, it’s definitely worth it! Considering that your vehicle will be safe and you will not have to worry about beating someone else for parking space. 

It can be daunting trying to look for a property, what with so many things to consider. One good advice that we can partake with you, is to make use of websites that can help you narrow down the market. It’s time efficient and will definitely help you navigate properties faster and better.