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Top 5 Cheapest Places To Live In France

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As some would call it, the land of love– France is the dream country to visit for most. 

Located in Western Europe, France is known for its cuisine, fashion, and architecture. Despite the modernization the 20th century brought about, France managed to keep its medieval roots, and a stroll along its streets would quickly bring you back to old times. 

Some of the most notable attractions this country offers are the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Palace of Versailles, and Notre Dame de Paris.

Many tourists have fallen in love with this country and have ultimately decided to stay there for good– and it’s not surprising given how rich the culture is and just the overall living experience. But this country, being one of the most go-to tourist destinations, can also mean that living expenses are at their highest. 

The question of which cities would be the cheapest to live in France could vary depending on the factors you consider. For example, how touristy is the place? Would you prefer to live in the suburbs? Opt for a more relaxing and quiet environment? Some other factors include safety, cleanliness and the locals themselves. 

But regardless of one’s preferences in looking for a property, there’s no denying that France, indeed, is a beautiful country bursting with culture and authenticity. 

We’ve listed below the 5 cheapest cities to live in in France, in no particular order. 

Cheapest Places


Being a relatively compact city to the capital, Metz offers a surprisingly cheaper rent than its major neighboring cities. A whopping 60% les on average, the money you can save from renting in this city can be used to savor and splurge on its bars, restaurants, and busy nightlife. 

Despite the big attractions in this city, there is one of the oldest opera theaters in Europe, and the antique, contemporary buildings framing the city, the tag price of renting a property here is small. 

Most apartments in Metz are studios with a rental price of €849.

Cheapest Places



Versailles is where you will find the Palace of Versailles– built during the time of the great King Louis XIII. This landmark has been listed as a World Heritage Site for 40 years now, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. 

But it’s not just this world famous attraction that this city boasts. Having a natural heritage like its parks and gardens, historical museums, booming marketplaces, and of course, like in any other city located in France– its exquisite cuisine. 

Considering all of these, one would think that it would be expensive to live in this city–  but it’s the complete opposite! 

A furnished studio apartment costs as low as €700 so just imagine just how affordable it would be for an unfurnished property! 

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This city serves as one of the main transport hubs in the region. Known as a port city, Caen is located in the northwest region of France. 

Famous for being the home of William the Conqueror, who was responsible for reforming the city to the excellent standard it is today, Caen has some of the most historic grand abbeys in France: the Men’s Abbey and Women’s Abbey commissioned by William and his wife. 

This city is conveniently located near Paris, with only two hours of travel time by train. 

It also boasts of an excellent way of living, with exquisite art and boutiques and its famous markets selling indulgent wine and fresh produce. 

The average cost of living in terms of rent in this city is €450 for a one-room apartment in the city center and around €350 for the same property outside the city center. 

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Marseille is one of the oldest cities in France. It offers a lively ambiance that is even better by the local inhabitants’ warmth and hospitality. 

It is also famous for being a cultural melting pot, with Africans and Europeans making up the most of its population. 

According to Property Listing, homes in Marseille are relatively cheaper than in other major cities. On average, it costs about 70% less to live in this city than in Paris. Apartments cost around €2,500 per square metre. 

Another factor to consider living in this city is that Marseille has a very efficient public transportation system. 

Cheapest Places


This city is quickly dubbed as one of France’s hidden gems. Despite being a laid-back modern metropolis, Montpellier prides itself on its rich, exceptional architecture, culture, and atmosphere. It is a charming destination located in the southern region of France, famous for its wines. 

Montpellier is home to the oldest medical school globally, built-in 1220. One notable alumnus from this university is Nostradamus. 

It is also known to average about 300 days of sunshine compared to other nearby cities in the region. That reason alone makes it ideal to live in this city, mainly because the sea is only 11 kilometers away. 

With its rich history and various landscapes, this city offers a surprisingly affordable cost of living, especially in terms of properties. 

A one-bedroom apartment ranges from €446 to €602, with the former in the city center and the latter in the more humble part of the city.