Renting property in truro

Truro renting guide

Truro renting guide

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Truro is a beautiful area of the UK. Right next to the beach and full of sunshine, it’s evident that many people are looking to move to Truro. From surfers to young professionals, living in Truro is a great fit for many different types of people.

Truro and Cornwall is a beautiful area, so of course, lots of people want to live there. Competition for houses can be pretty fierce, so it’s best to have as much knowledge of the area as possible.

If you’re considering moving to Truro and you’re not ready to buy a house, you need to know the rental prices and what is on offer in the area. This is not easy unless you’re very familiar with Truro.

To help out your search, here’s an overview of Truro that will really sell you in the area! More importantly, you can find more information on the prices of the area and what houses to expect.

What are rent prices like in Truro?

Truro is in the south of the UK, so it is expected that house prices and rental prices will be higher here compared to other areas in the UK. Unfortunately, in this current housing, climate rent prices are predicted to continue rising- so it’s probably a good idea to start renting as soon as you can.

Average rent prices at the moment are around £900 per month. Compared to other areas in the south of the UK, this figure is not too extreme. 

The average rent prices in Oxford are currently at £1700, so moving from areas like Oxford and London would save you a lot of money on rent payments.

What’s life like in Truro?

Truro renting guide

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Truro is located in Cornwall, which is in the very southwest of the UK. It’s also the UK’s most southern city, so you can expect better weather than the rest of the UK.

Truro is most well known for being a seaside city and having a long list of beaches to its name. Everyone loves the beach! When living in Truro, a beach is always a walking distance away. Easy beach visits make for great days out of living with a large family or living on your own.

All the beaches and coastal weather attract a fair share of tourists. Tourism is a big part of Truro, with many people from the UK and internationally every summer.

Aside from all the beaches, the rest of the city is very vibrant and full of activities. There are many festivals and enough things to do for every weekend of the year. 

Truro also provides its fair share of historical culture. Truro Cathedral is a beautiful building that will be an excellent visit for new residents of Truro.

Renting in Truro provides you with easy access to the town centre. The town centre is a unique shopping experience as it’s equipped with a large variety of shops that will tailor to everyone.

Tips for finding a house to rent

Truro is quite a small city with a population of only around 20,000. This means that even if you fall in love with the area, there aren’t many houses to rent. So you’re going to need all the help you can get!

Use as many markets as possible

When searching for houses to rent in Truro, you need to use all the resources possible. 

Don’t just stick to looking on one estate agent website or one high street shop. Look on multiple different websites, and you’ll find more houses available.

If you find as many different houses as possible, this will increase the chance of you coming away with a house that you’ll be happy with for a very long time.

Use your negotiation skills

Most landlords will be willing to negotiate with you because they want to get the job done. If you can negotiate well, you will reduce the price of your rent.

If your negotiation skills are good enough, you can look for prices just outside of your budget and try and negotiate your way back into your price range.

Take your time

Make sure to relax during your renting process and find a house that works for you. Take your time to view all your options properly.

If you take your time and look at houses multiple times, you won’t make a mistake and regret your decision to rent.

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