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(South Wales)

Immaculate 5-Bedroom Detached House in Llanedi, South Wales/ £625,000

If you’re looking for a high degree of privacy, then this property may be perfect for you! It’s located in a quiet, rural village in Llanedi and offers a serene, peaceful environment for people to live in. This is an ideal location and property for a family home!

Key Features

  1. 5 Bedrooms
  2. 3 Bathrooms
  3. Private & Enclosed Plot
  4. Study Room (2.49m x 2.06m)
  5. Lounge 
  6. Dining Room (6.40m x 4.67m)
  7. Spacious Kitchen
  8. Garage/Annex (2.51m x 2.21m)
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This property has been renovated to maintain its modern, high standard of living for tenants. With double glazing and central heating, this house is highly recommended.

This property is located in Tudor Court, Llanedi, Pontarddulais, Swansea SA4. It is only 0.8 miles from Ysgol Gynradd Llanedy and 1.9 miles from Pontarddulias Comprehensive School, you can find it here:

Mortgage Breakdown

Price = £625,000

10% Deposit = £62,500

Repayment Term = 25 years

Interest Rate = 2%

Monthly Mortgage Payment = £2,384

Contact our property management professionals to start the process of obtaining this property. We’ll advise you on the repayment plans you should use, and the deposit amount you should aim for to get lower interest rates. For more information, Call Kanti Walden.


Where can I find Llanedi South Wales investment property at below-market value?

The solution is already right here for you!

The properties we deal with at Pearl Lemon Properties are all offered for less than market value. 

Contact us if you’re looking for BMV property in a specific location, of a certain size, and tailored to a particular investment plan. We would love to work with you in partnership to find properties.

BMV: What Does It Mean?

BMV, or “Below Market Value,” is frequently used with real estate investment. 

At least from the standpoint of an investor, BMV property is undoubtedly the most attractive type of property. Since properties below market value frequently have greater yields and provide superior ROInumber of bedrooms, and property type.

What kind of returns can I expect from Llanedi South Wales investment property?

This depends on where you invest; therefore, we always suggest researching before putting money on the line. 

For particular forms of property, certain places have high yields. Others prefer buy-to-let investing to property flipping. Others are the opposite. Some even function well in both directions.