Buying your dream home without breaking the bank

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Buying your dream home without breaking the bank Source: Pixabay Finding a new house is always a challenging affair. From lots of competition to highly high house prices, there are so many different issues you can run into when buying a home. And with house prices set to continue rising in the future, finding the […]

Finding rental properties in Nottingham

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Finding rental properties in Nottingham Source: Unsplash With house prices rising all over the UK, renting accommodation is becoming the most popular way to find a home. Finding a rental property that you love is essential as you’ll likely be spending many years in that property. The housing market in Nottingham has been on the […]

Finding Studio Flats in London

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Finding Studio Flats in London Source: Pixabay For all types of houses in London, the market is very competitive and also very expensive. London is infamous for its sky-high house prices and significant demand for houses. London’s rental market is especially tough, with prices in some of the most significant competition for houses in the […]

Relocating to Leicestershire

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Relocating to Leicestershire Source: Unsplash The population of Leicester has been steadily increasing over the past ten years. In 2011, the population was just over 500 thousand, and now it’s around 557,000. It’s now one of the most populated areas of the midlands- so why are people moving to Leicester and other areas in Leicestershire? […]

Starting real estate management

Real Estate Management

Starting real estate management Source: Unsplash With house prices and rented houses rising, real estate or property investment is looking very profitable. This may be your call to a new and exciting career path! If you’re very successful with property management, you can go from owning one house to a large business with multiple assets […]

Moving to Nottingham

Off-market properties in Nottingham

Moving to Nottingham Source: Unsplash In the past few years, Nottingham has been a city filled with economic growth and excitement. With many students relocating to Nottingham for university and other young professionals, it’s been filled with life. Nottingham also has a rich past and lots of historic attractions and events. With reliable transport connections […]

29 Property Experts Offer Unique Insights into the Post-Covid Housing Market


29 Property Experts Offer Unique Insights into the Post-Covid Housing Market Let’s talk about the housing market and analyze how the pandemic may affect future investment opportunities. To go deeper into this topic, we’ve featured 30 property investment experts to share their predictions about the state of the post-covid housing market.  With each property sourcer […]

Off-market properties in Bristol

Off-market properties in Bristol

Off-market properties in Bristol Source: Unsplash All across the UK, house prices have been soaring. The pandemic and lockdown have increased demand for housing in nearly all cities, including Bristol. This may be a blessing or a curse depending on the reason you’re buying the house. If you’re looking into the business side of houses […]

Off-Market properties Edingburgh

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Off-Market properties Edingburgh Source: Pexels The Edinburgh house market has been hot in the last couple of months, with house prices rising by around 17%! The pandemic has also seemed to cause more demand for bigger family homes with gardens. Most people agree that staying in a cramped flat for months on end is not […]

Relocating to Brighton

All the benefits of Brighton and the best areas Brighton offers

Relocating to Brighton Source: Pixabay There are many great reasons to move to Brighton. Brighton is a much calmer and more comfortable area of the UK that will make for a peaceful environment. It’s a great contrast to the large cities like London and Birmingham. If you’re looking to relocate somewhere different from city life, […]